American Free Enterprise

Mckenna Hufford

Economic Freedom

This child is using economic freedom by selling what she wants! Her customers can choose if they want to buy lemonade from her or not buy any at all. This describes economic freedom perfectly!

Volunteer Exchange

Volunteer exchange is when people exchange money for something they would like to buy. You volunteer your money to be given so you can have something in return. The picture demonstrates this by a woman handing a card back to someone after buying something they want.

Private Property

Private property is when someone wants to own their own property without the government intervening. You can decide things that you want to do on your property.

Profit Motive

The picture of the profit motive fits perfectly with the definition as well. The definition of profit motive is that businesses are open just to make money. Businesses want to make as much money as they can.


In everyday business you have competition. The competition between companies is a good thing because it keeps prices low and quality outstanding. These two "teams" in this picture are competing for something and it fits in with the business attire as well as the definition.


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