Cape Verde

By: Alexis S.

Come to Cape Verde

Geography and Map

Cape Verde is made up of 9 islands. Sal, Boa Vista, Santiago, Sao Vicente, Santo Antao, Sao Nicolau, Fogo, Maio, and Brava. The capital city is Sal. The biggest part of Cape Verde is Sao Antao.


On Saint John's Day everyone gathers in what church they go to. Saint John's Day is Saint Patricks Day to The United States. Everyone goes home after church and plays cards. They play with playing cards.

School and Education

In Cape Verde we start school when you are 5-6 years old and we end school when we are 11. Everyone that is in school is in the same class. There is only 1 class. When you get done with school girls stay home and cook, clean and do the things that moms do. Boys have to go to work and make money for the family with their fathers.

Food and Clothing

Here are a lot of the things that we eat in Cape Verde. We mainly eat Bread or rice with beans. On holidays we have a big feast. We have a lot of meats at our feast. The feast is mainly meats and grains with vegetables.

This is what we wear mainly everyday except for special occasions. They wear normal clothes to school and sometimes at home. The women wear dresses and sometimes they wear jeans and T-shirts just like in the United States.

What is grown in Cape Verde

Banana's are grown in Cape Verde. They have been grown there for a little over 4,000 years. Cape Verde grows over 50 million tons of banana's every year.

Government and History

In the 20th century Cape Verde was a shipping port. Cape Verde is a little larger than Rhode Island. Cape Verde's population in 1800 was 16,748. Now the population is 523,568.


The languages spoken in Cape Verde are Kabuverdianu and Portuguese. Kabuverdianu is spoken in mainly all of the part of Cape Verde. Portuguese is spoken a little bit in all of the parts of Cape Verde. Cape Verde's main language is Kabuverdianu. Almost everyone in Cape Verde speaks Kabuverdianu.

Religion and Beliefs

One of the things that people in Cape Verde do is every Sunday they attend church, kind of like some people in the United States do. 80% of the people in Cape Verde are Catholics, 10% are Protestants the rest don't attend a church. Cape Verde is mainly a Catholic state.

Tourist Interests

Cape Verde is a very fun city. If you want to go shopping there are fun shops along the beach. They are full of beach stuff like cute swimsuits and surfboards of you want to surf. You can also rent there, You can rent surfboards, boats, and many other things. You can go swimming with the dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean with scuba diver that you pay to go with.

You should come to Cape Verde!! Fun time!!!

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