My historical Person project

This is me Sonia Sotomayor.

About Me.

When did you live? I was born June 25,1954.

Where did you live?I lived in New York,NY (Bronx)

What ethnicity / nationality are you? I am American.

How did your family influence your life?Because they tought be how to do right and to not do wrong.Also that good rules over evil.

What was your occupation, and how did you contribute to it with your work?

My job was being a judge because I couldn't stand watching when crime was happening and not be able to do something about it.

What type of education do you have? I went to Princeton University for my education.I also went to Yale law school.

What will people remember you for? For being the first American Hispanic Judge. And for being approved by Barack Obama.

Why did the student writing about you pick you for their project? Because to him I'm inspirational. to him I can inspire people to do something if you see there being wrong done. For instance I became a judge because of me watching crime being done.

What were some key events happening in society during your lifetime.During my child and now There was lots of crime being committed.

What else should we know about you? I like to salsa dance and I'm very good at it.