Exploration Proposal


The problem is that we don't have a cure for the plague. North America could have different natural resources than us, that can prevent the plague from ever happening again. All we need is the money and the men to do it. It is 1500, and other European explorers, from France and Spain, are going over there as well. We need to hurry up and get over there  before the other countries take all of the resources. We are going to take a different a different path than the other explorers and our way is faster. That way, we can get there before any other explorers do. The route we are taking has many less turns and storms. The things we will bring back for you in return, would be the safety of your country and possibly some gold. We would like to travel to the northern parts of America, in places that no one has seen before. Others who voaged there seemed to have had great luck. We plan to be there for about six months before we return with your treasure. We will need a very large food supply and over 100 men. I expect to leave in a month, before it gets too cold.