Breakdown of The Baby Boom

Learning Targets

- Students will know the causes of the baby boom and what it is
- Students will know how it impacted/affected Canada in its time and presently

What Was The Baby Boom?

     The dramatic increase in birth rate that spanned from about 1947-1966 is referred to as "The Baby Boom". "Baby Boomers" (people born during the baby boom) are the largest known generation in history; in fact, in North America alone, 85 million babies were born with an average of about 300,000 per year (in Canada.) By 1965, Canada's largest age group consisted of children under 10 years old, and by the end of the baby boom, Canada's population had increased by 18%.


Causes of The Baby Boom

     People saw the end of WWII as the first time in a LONG time when things were back to "normal", and because of this, many people who had held off on getting married or having children during The Great Depression and the war began to do so. With the end of war and return of soldiers came more marriages, with more marriages came more children, and with more children came the baby boom.

Soldier + Wedding = BABY BOOM!

Impact of The Baby Boom

     Due to the increase of babies being produced each year, the demand for new services and workers in Canada was high. The boomers needed: new schools, new houses, new toys, more food, new clothes, new cars (as they aged), just about more of EVERYTHING. With the high demand for so many non-military related items, Canada's economy saw a large change.    As the baby boomers came into the work force in the 70's, with them also came a new wave of ideas and principles. The baby boomers introduced: fast food, clothing fads, popular music, and cosmetics, which are all still popular today. Although the baby boomers had a huge impact in their younger years, they still continue to effect us today. A 2011 study showed that the oldest boomers had reached 65, (the customary retirement age) and as the boomers begin to retire, there is a concern to fill the jobs that they're leaving open; especially because many of them require specialized skill sets. Also, by 2036, the senior population in Canada (which is comprised of people 65 years and over) is estimated to represent 23%-25% of Canada's total population apposed to a mere 14% in 2009.     The baby boom continues to impact us socially as well. Michael Jordan, who is an iconic figure in basketball, footwear, and generally in our society today is a baby boomer. There aren't many places you can go without seeing the Jumpman, (Michael Jordan's logo) whether it be on a shoe, a tracksuit, a billboard, or even on your Television screen at home. The list of icons doesn't stop at Michael Jordan though: Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), Steve Jobs (founder of Apple), and Madonna (Singer) were/are all baby boomers as well. It just goes to show why the baby boom generation very well may be considered the greatest generation of all time!

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