End of year College Project

Persuasive Essay

Most people would agree that we need good people in this world. For example, you see someone getting bullied and your standing there witnessing the issue, what do you do?Bullying is a major problem that anybody can face today in the world. Bullying can lead to suicide, drugs, etc. Having good people in this world is important and it is what need because, we know they won't do wrong, they could help to stop bullying and safe so many lives that have been lost up to date.

On the other hand, Reasons that could lead if we had good people is, #1 our world would be peaceful. For example families won't have to loose their loved ones, there would be less percentage of suicide, drugs, etc. Then no one has to get hurt again.

In fact, #2 people supporting one another, for example, people standing up for that person and fighting the bully back. The one getting bullied needs more friends/people to back them up and be by their side 24/7.

However, "Bullying will teach people how to stand up for themselves." My counter argument for that would be that, bullying is wrong. It does not teach you to stand up for yourself, in fact why do you think there so many young teens going through suicide everyday? That's why this world need so many good people because of the issue an innocent teen/adult has to face today.

In conclusion, we need good people in this world to put a stop to bullying. #1 it will decrease the percentage of suicide and make our world peaceful from bullies. #2 no one would have to get hurt again. "what should society do now?: Society should start coming together to put an end to bullying.

Letter of Recommendation

May 15, 2015

Dear Mr. or Mrs.

When I was asked to write this letter of recommendation for Shelby I was excited. I have so much to say about her work ethic, personality and skills. I was very pleased that she is moving forward with her life and applying for EP Fitness.

Shelby is an amazing and excellent candidate for this position because, I have seen Shelby work very hard not only in classroom, but at her hobbies. She makes sure to get the task done efficiently and effectively. She is also good at handling multiple tasks at once, for example I've seen Shelby play junior varsity softball, and she is in the GT program, and now she is leading her career to Forensic Psychologist.

She is also a people person who loves to not only talk, but to be around people. She is funny, smart, energetic, kind and patient. She can efficiently explain concepts to people. I have seen her help students understand concepts in class. She is dong and going to places that I think Shelby could bring, she could bring great things to EP Fitness.

I look forward to seeing Shelby succeed and thrive in the real world. I hope she is chosen to this position because of her skills and overall goals to succeed, but also her work ethics and personality skills.

Sincerely, Marcos Andazola

Letter of Intent

Andazola Marcos

5634 Avenue Rd.

El Paso, TX 79938


Marcos Andazola, Instructor

Desert Eagle Dance Studio

5634 Avenue Rd.

El Paso, TX 79938

Dear, Mr. or Mrs. Gibbs

I want apply to Desert Eagle because, I think I am capable for this job. I know I have the skills which is Dance and Acting. I am in the Pebble Hills Dance team at my school and the Pebble Hills theatre team. I am Funny, nice, patient, and crazy when it comes to Dance and acting.

I want to be a Dance instructor for your studio, I have done my own choreography, but I have shown to you personally. I am currently at Pebble Hills High School and I am currently taking classes in your studio. Thank you for your time.


Marcos Andazola


Marcos Andazola

(915) 537-9233

5634 Avenue Rd.




To gain experience and skills on culinary arts and to work with Universal Comcast Company.


Elementary- Completed May 30, 2010

Middle- Completed May 30, 2014

High School- Currently Attending- will Graduate May 29, 2018


June 12, 2015 washing cars, I washed cars every weekend and I earned $20. I stopped washing cars June 2, 2018

Skills: Dance and Acting.

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