Cassandra Wood

This is me, and I like to play Xbox, listen to music and watch anime. I think it would be nice if everybody would just get along, and everyone was happy. I seem to want the world peace type of situation because if it was like that everything would be better.

Three Things About Me

My Siblings

This is my brother and sister, and they are crazy. They do the strangest things but I still love them of course. Besides them, I also have other siblings and even three nieces.


I really like zombie themed things. I have a lot of games and movies with them involved and I love The Walking Dead. I also met people that are now my friends from a game called Dead Island.


Music is one of the most important things that are in my life. I went to music classes for piano and I have been really interested in bands since I was 10. My favorite song right now is Hater by Korn, which is one of my favorite bands by far.

My Goals

One of my goals is if I do go to college I want to go to the University of Phoenix. I would want to go there, and move to the area. Another goal I have is trying to keep the friends I have and make some new ones too. Lastly, I would love if I could perform at the venue in Panama City one day, if I were to pursue the music career. All of these goals are important to me because they are involved with the future me and what I want to do.

One Place I Want To Visit

If I were to go anywhere, I would go to Phoenix, Arizona. When I'm older I plan to move there because I think it's definitely a change from where I live now. I also have very good friends that live there, and I would like to be there with them. I always liked big cities that had a lot of people in it like Phoenix, it has over 1 million people.

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