My Non-Fiction Book
The Ancient Egyptians

Perl, Lila. The Ancient Egyptians. New York: Franklin Watts, 2004. Print.

5 vocabulary words

Ba-spirit of the dead in the form of a small bird with a human head.

dynasty-royal family of hereditary.

Ka-life force,or soul,that would survive death if the body or an acceptable substitute were preserved.

shabti-small figure of servant,placed in tombs to do the bidding of the deceased.

papyrus-tall reed from which Egyptians made writing paper, as well as rope,mats,baskets,sandals,and reed boats.

  • They have egyptian gods in egypt..
  • Egyptains use hieroglyphis instead letters like we use.
  • They would have a pharaoh instead of a president.

I had a connection with the book because I like to learn about egypt and the book had a lot things.

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