Five Tips to Follow When Visiting HongKong for the First Time

Popular as the city of skyscrapers and mind-blowing landscapes, Hong Kong continues to attract tourists around the world. This place is enriched with marvels of modernization while a part of it reminisces the ancient traditions and food culture. Apart from the architectural complexities that this city eludes, a lot of essence lies in its culture, people, and the archaic places of interest it accommodates.

To make your stay truly marvellous and worthy here, following are a few tips shared by travel experts.

1> Be Wary about the Currency Exchange

Before you travel to this place, make sure you gather enough Hong Kong Dollar. Avoid transacting with airport kiosks or travel agents who offer currency at an inflated rate. You can buy additional sum before travelling, and what is left you can easily redeem once back in the country. Several travel companies offer convenient Hong Kong Dollar to INR conversion.

2> Avoid Taxis

You are definitely not going to roam around the city on foot. You are required to take a Taxi from time to time, whenever you want to visit the various places around the city. However, be aware about the taxi charges; they can turn out to be a costly option. Instead opt for public transport such as bus. You will be able to save a lot of money on travel.

3> Avoid Going for Shopping in Morning

4> Do not get Overtly Adventurous Food

Who will not love to soak their taste buds in the mouth-watering, delectable cuisines of Hong Kong? From elegant hotels to road-side shacks, you will love to try the different culinary delights offered at this place. However, be careful while eating at roadside shacks, there have been incidents of food-poisoning and other health issues that have occurred among tourists after consuming such food items.