Green Corn Ceremony(Creek)


The Creek celebrate the Green Corn Ceremony.  The Green Corn Ceremony celebrates the first corn harvest.  Which is why it is called the GREEN Corn Ceremony because it's the new corn.  So the Creek  gave thanks to the life of the new corn.  They preformed rituals and dances when celebrating.

When and Why

The Green Corn Ceremony is held in late June or early July for 4 days.  They celebrated it to give thanks.  And to celebrate the new corn and the new life.


They would celebrate during the Green Corn Ceremony.  Creek Indians fasted, played games, and feasted. They would preform very sacred dances and would make corn sacrifices.  


Creek Letter

   Dear Chiefs,

I am very thankful: I'm thankful for this life.  For being free.  Being able to live with my clan and that my father is a chief. I'm thankful that we learned how to grow crops crops as another source of food then just hunting.  That we have a celebration of the new corn.  Called The Green Corn Ceremony.  That the village has a feast and shares what everyone is thankful for.  I'm thankful that we have a permanent settlement, so the elder don't have to walk everywhere.  Then we don't have to move when we find good places to build a village.

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