Anatomy of Tomorrow

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

I love planning. Planning is like ironing your tomorrow. It lays smooth all of the wrinkled parts of your coming weeks, months and years. It feels great to fix the mistakes of the past by designing a tomorrow where you make all the right decisions. A tomorrow where you take the time to work hard, to laugh and love. We make our plans and we feel great. But there is a problem. We had plans before. We had perfectly ironed tomorrows that were smooth and perfect. However, when they came, they were still wrinkled and flawed. So many of our todays arrive unrecognizable from the tomorrows we planned. So we are regretful for yesterday, hopeful for tomorrow and apathetic of today. These beautifully designed tomorrows never seem to come. They are flawed because they are built by insufficient todays. They are built by todays where we say we will “do it later”. These tomorrows are full of todays long on planning and short on action. So it becomes easier to live in a virtual world made of perfect tomorrows and selected pieces of yesterdays. This world of yesterday and tomorrow is a fantasy world that our brains construct to blind us to our real lives. Our real lives that are happening now…today. Use tunnel vision when you look your calendar. Look at today the most intently. Today is really the only day you live in. Today is the only day where you can eat right, work out, laugh and love others. Today is the only day where you can learn and be kind to others. Today is the only day when you can “do it now”. Today is the only day when action takes place. I must warn you about today though. It might not be perfectly ironed like your plans are. It might be filled with disappointment and pain. It might be harder than you feel you can handle. But remember, it is all you have, so take it seriously and go hard. If you devote your whole self to today, tomorrow will take care of itself.

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3 years ago

Really good points in this post. One of the hardest things to do in this world is live in the present. But once you consciously practice living day to day, it's amazing what can happen.