ancient Japan art and culture

by mishaela Schwan

Ancient Japan had many amazing things. They created many ideas And these things are still used today. Ancient Japan's culture is very different than modern day Japan but this culture as only modified.🐉

ancient Japan had people in families that were wealthy called nobles, the nobles were close to Heian and wished to serve him. They created the court. The court helped Heian rule, they moved into extravagant homes near him, and lived in style.🐲

the nobles were supporters of art. They became the center of art culture. They had very high fAshion and dressed in silk that was handmade. They also used fans hand painted and adorn in jewels. People in Japan today do not tend to dress like this. They enjoy cute outfits and love pastel colors.🐓

writing in ancient Japan was very popular. Writers made sure to choose their words very carefully in order for them to be beautiful. Women were usually the writers as men usually only knew how to write in Chinese. Women wrote in diaries.🐇

along with the popularity of writing, people began writing poems. Particularly haikus, poems with five sentences. They also wrote history and wrote down the past. Now a days  Japan has turned away from the original writing and turned
to technology.🐂

in Japan, architecture wS very important. They used art to express the,selves and they loved to make everything beautiful. They used tile patterns and used many different materials. Their buildings looked very different than they do now.🐅

today Japan uses very strong materials and do not have the space to build extravagant buildings. Japan has to build upward because there are already too many buildings.🐟

Japan had beautiful gardens, and they loved to make everything perfect. Japan was also very popular with theatre. They enjoyed to get together and watch different people perform. They loved drama, and they were the main origin.🐁

today in Japan performing arts is a big part of their culture, they still put on traditional celebrations. Dancing and acting are very popular, and people love karaoke. 🐖

buddhism came into Japan from Korea and China. The emperor enjoyed it so he built a shrine. Buddhism became very popular and still is to this day. It is practiced by 330 million people.🐩

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