How to Give a Dog a Bath.

Step 1.

Turn the water on. Then turn it off when it is half way full.

Step 2.

Put your dog in the tub.And make sure your dog does not get out of the bath tub.

Step 3.

Get some shampoo.

Step 4.

Get a cup that you will not ever want to use ever again.

Step 5.

Put the shampoo on your dog.

Step 6.

Get your cup then put in the water. Then take it out of the water.

Step 7.

Then pour it on your dog's head.

Step 8.

But make sure the  water does not go in the dog's ears.  

Step 9.

Get a towel.

Step 10.

Unclog the tub. Take your dog out of the tub.

Step 11.

Dry your dog off.

Step 12.

Put your dog in it's cage.So the rest of the water comes off.

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