I chose this photo because it is really well balanced and action packed but had been simplified (and I like the army)

I decided to add a bit of a flare effect onto this photo because it seems right for the army.

I chose this photo because it represents that teamwork can save lives, it is a well balanced photo, when I look at the photo, I look right at the centre which brings my eyes out to the full image.

I decided to add a filter to the photo just to make it look nice and not too colourful, it doesn't seem like a happy photo so I didn't put any really bright colours.

I chose this photo because it shows how important teamwork can be, if you have 1 person this construction will obviously fail, but with several people you can achieve higher limits.

I wanted to add some sparkle (or fireworks) to make the photo stand out, I added a nice bright filter because I know that in a case like this, teamwork can be fun and bright.

I chose this photo because I'm a big fan of parachuting, although it doesn't really resemble teamwork, it was in the results when I googled teamwork.

I chose a nice purple sort of filter for the outline but the inside was a different type of filter (used for facebook profile pictures mostly) and I thought it looked pretty cool. (This is my favourite photo) I also decided to crop the photo because I don't usually edit captioned photos.

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