Oliver Evans created the first model of a refrigerator, which used a vapor compression cycle.

blue print of first fridge.
Oliver Evans

Life Before the Refrigerator

Before it was invented, many households kept food cold by using an icebox. The ice in these iceboxes had to replaced everyday by the "ice-man" similar to the "milk-man"

Evolution of the refrigerator

They have changed in many ways. For example, many refrigerators now have built in ice makers and water dispensers. Also they have many shelves and are bigger to hold more things.

Positive impact of the refrigerator

There were many positive impacts of the refrigerator, but the most important one was, people could keep their food fresh longer and didn't have to have an iceman come to their house everyday.

Negative impact of refrigerator

A negative impact of the refrigerator being invented was all the icemen lost their jobs and had to find a new profession to support their families.

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