7th Grade Scrapbook
By: Claire Nidy

7th Grade went by super fast. Here are some of the best memories from 7th grade.

Top 10 Moments

1. Camp

Camp was so much fun! My Cabin's name was Onatoga. One of the best parts of camp was the Zip Line and Rock Wall. I also loved Ultimate Frisbee and Outdoor Cooking. But, one of the best activities was Camo Games. IT is like capture the flag, but you are wearing camo gear. Camp was soo much fun.

2. Soccer team

Soccer was a lot of fun .The girls on the team were really nice and we only lost one game! The peace day game was also fun. Our coach was Mr. Kowalski. I usually played mid but i also played defense. It was great.

3. Outsiders Day

Outsiders day was based on the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. We dressed up as greasers and wen't around to each class and doing different outsiders based games or activities. I had a fun time.

4. Road of Trials

The Road of trials activity was something we did in HELA. We went around the room and did different activities based on the road of trials. This activity was based on a book called Anthem by Ayn Rand. The picture shown is of an activity where we had to move tennis balls to a bucket then take two pieces of wood and pout them in the bucket. This activity was fun.   

5.  My trip to Ashville, NC

I took a trip to Ashville North Carolina over Spring Break.  We stayed in a house on the side of one of the mountains. While we were there, we went on the blue ridge parkway and went to Mt. Mitchel, the highest point east of the Mississippi. We also went to downtown Ashville and went shopping. Lastly, we went to the BiltmoreIt is a huge mansion on the mountains and we went on a tour through the Biltmore.Vacation was fun!

6. Power of the Pen

Power of the pen is a competitive writing team where you have 40 minutes to write a story based on a certain prompt. We had practices every Monday and it was a lot of fun. I made it to districts and regionals. It was fun being on the team!

7. Peace day Soccer Game

The Peace Day soccer game was great! The girls soccer team won in the last second of the game. I had a great time during it. I also almost scraped my knee! I had a great time playing.

8. Rusties Museum

The Rusties museum was one of the best projects we did in HELA. WE had to create a museum based on a book called The Uglies. WE all brought in one everyday object and we pretending that we were from the future. Then, we had to decide what people of the future would think that these everyday objects are. I brought in a fork and it was a hairbrush in the future. It was fun.

9.  Band Concert

The were two band concerts, the spring concert and the holiday concert. The spring concert was better than the winter concert. We sounded great!  My favorite song we did was The Lion King. The two concerts were great.

10.  Blossom Time Parade

Every year, my neighborhood sets up an area on East Washington Street for the Blossom Time Parade. This year was super fun! We played games in the field before the parade, we had a picnic, and the parade itself was pretty fun! It was great.

P.S. These are not in any particular order :D

HELA Moments

1.  Rusties Museum

In the Rusties Museum, I was one of the builders. My job was to create the display for the museum. We used cardboard and paper to create stands and other things to display the items that we brought in. IT was one of the best projects we did in 7th Grade!

2. Outsiders Day

Outsiders day was fun! We went to each classroom and did a different activity. In Mrs. Krisfalusy's room, we answered a question, then put Vaseline on our nose and pick up cotton balls with our nose. Then, in Mrs. McHugh's room, we played Outsiders-themed password. Lastly, we play kahoot in Mr. Kowalski's room. It was great!

3. Road of Trials

Road of Trials was based on the book Anthem by Ayn Rand. We did difference activities based on the road of trials. Some of these activities were building things, others were solving puzzles. My favorite activity was when we had to get the tennis balls to the bucket. I was the person who had to move the tennis balls with my nose. It was a fun day.


Camp was the best memory of 7th grade. It was so much fun!!!! The activities were great and the food was yummy. Skit night was also really fun. My cabin did not do a skit, but the skits that other cabins did were really funny. I had a top bunk on our cabin. I was in Onatoga, the biggest cabin (other than the lodge). WE had dance parties at night and our councilor Emma's birthday was during camp. WE had a ton of fun at camp. Camp was the best!!


Don't wait for things to come to you, you have to chase them yourself.

Survival Tips

1. Don't forget to do your home work!!

This kind of seems like a thing everyone says, but it's true! Forgetting your homework could hurt your grade a lot!

2. Remember your locker combination over breaks

From personal experience, forgetting your locker combination is not good. You end up late to your next class, and it's just a pain.

3. Stay organized

If you don't say organized, you end up losing important things, like homework, and your grade drops. Stay organized!

4. Pack your book bag at night instead of right before the bus comes

Again, from personal experience, packing your bag before the bus comes is not a good idea. Pack you bag the night before so you don't forget anything.


It may not seem like not studying is a big deal, but it is! Study!

Social Studies Roman Project

The Social Studies Roman project was a fun project. We each had a different letter of the alphabet in our class and we had to think of something roman that started with our letter. I had a V. I chose to do my project on Venus and other Roman gods. WE also created a visual representation of our topic. I made a Roman temple where they worship gods and goddesses. Social Studies in general was a good class. But, just like the survival tip, don't forget your homework!!

7th Grade went by fast. But, it was still a really fun time!

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