1/4/15. NBA Hierarchy. By:Jamal


This project is about the NBA (National Basketball Association). I have made a digital Hierarchy showing how the teams are connected to each other. I have also Included a few of the teams and their stadiums. In addition, I am showing locations where you would want to go if you were to see a game in some of the cities. I hope you continue to follow the NBA after you read this project!

Teams, stadiums and Locations:

How my hierarchy works

So first we have, of course, the NBA which splits into two Conferences, the Eastern, and the Western. They both then split up into three divisions each. For the Eastern Conference, the divisions are the Atlantic, Central, and Southeast. For the Western Conference, the divisions are the Pacific, Northwest, and Southwest. Each of these divisions have five teams. These teams will go against each other. One champion from each division will move forward including the team with the best record. These teams will go against each other until there is only one team left in each conference. These teams will then battle for the NBA championship...

Thanks for reading and keep up with the NBA!

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