The way up to heaven

This is a short stoy written by Roald Dahl in 1954.

This story takes place in New York. The main character has a problem that when ever she is being late for reaching a place she put nerveous and start twiching his eye.

The main protagonist is Mrs.foster she is going to travel to Paris to visit her daughter and grandchildren. His housband doesnt want that but after some time she convinces his to go. the day she has to take the plane, she is nerveous to be at time.

Mr Foster and his wife where going to the airport but the flies where cancelled. They go back to his apartment to rest, and go to take the plane the next day.

The next morning they are going to the airport when Mr Foster says that he forgot something in the apartment. Mrs Foster is so nervous that when the husband is in the apartmen she listen a sound and decided to live to the airport, and take the plane.

Meanwhile she is in France she send letters to his husband but none one answers the letters. when she returned to New York she sees the body of his death husband that he stock in the elevator for a month.

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