Out Of My Mind

BY Sharon Draper

Easton B. & Kyle S.


Melody is a girl who has cerebral palsy. It's a disorder where you can't talk or walk. The story starts when she is born. The doctor said when she was born she isn't smart enough to do anything. Throughout the story she does many miraculous things. You have to read it if you want to find out the rest! In our opinion, we think Melody is cooperative. She is cooperative because she plays with her dog and penny her sister. She is also thankful. She was thankful for her wheelchair. Last, she is fancy. She said she would wear blue jeans, sparkly decals, a blouse, and a vest. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody.

Cerebral Palsy  

Do you know anybody that has Cerebral Palsy? I do. In the book Out Of My Mind, a girl named Melody has that condition. She can't move or talk. CP affects the mind, the mouth, and your movement.

CP is a condition that affects newborn babies. You can't catch CP from anyone. CP stands for Cerebral Palsy. There are many people that have Cerebral Palsy. There are three different types of Cerebral Palsy. They are spastic, Athetiod, and Ataxic.

Most people with Cerebral Palsy can't move or talk. It can't get worst if you have it. People that have Cerebral Palsy use walkers, wheelchairs, and leg braces. Some people are born with Cerebral Palsy. People that have Cerebral Palsy may use devices to talk.

There are also symptoms of Cerebral Palsy. One is you are floppy or stiff, you have difficulty walking, and you have difficulty eating. You can also have seizures and have difficulty with vision and hearing.

One famous person with Cerebral Palsy is Abbey Nicole Curran. She was born in 1987, and entered in a beauty pageant in Davenport, Iowa. One more we have is Christy Brown. He accomplished being an author, painter, and poet.

This man has Cerebral Palsy and he is still wake boarding

The Setting

In the book Out of my Mind, there is a theme, setting, and point of view. The main settings are the school,  Mrs V's house, and Melody's house. Mrs. V's house and her own house are the places she feels like she is comfortable. At school, she thinks that everyone to her is good and won't make fun of her, beside Claire and Molly.

The Theme

We think that the theme is no matter what happens, you push and fight through it. We think this because Melody can't walk, talk, or do anything except flail and shriek, but she fights to get through her disorder. Then, A machine she finds on the computer she ordered off the internet gets to her house and she can talk. She fought and pushed through the whiz quiz even when they left her. Last, she fought through not talking for 11 years to her parents and friends.

Point Of view

In the book, Out Of My Mind, the point of view is first person. We know this because in the book in the very fist paragraph, she says Words. I'm surrounded by words. Also, they said in the last chapter, she says I'll start at the very beginning. Last, she says I just shake my head and think.


Here is our summary of the book Out Of My Mind: the book is about a girl with Cerebral Palsy named Melody. She can't speak or walk. She then gets a machine that helps her talk. There is wiz quiz team that she makes. Then they make it to the finals. When they are about to go to Washington, they leave her. She is really mad. Her team gets 9th place then confesses to Melody. Last, she breaks the trophy that the team won.

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