Internet Safety
By: Elizabeth Brock

~Don't give out your personal information. For example your address, phone number,  name, location, or school unless your parent says it's ok for something safe.

~If someone is threatening or bothering you tell a trusted adult about it. Some trusted adults you can tell are your parents or a teacher.

~Don't give your password out to anyone. If they were to go on your account they could steal your information or post something and it would look like you were the one that sent it out.

~Don't do anything online that you wouldn't do offline. If it's mean or would hurt anyones feelings don't do it. You have to be careful because you can't take anything back.

~If anyone you meet online wants to meet up offline don't unless you meet up with your parents or unless your parents say yes. Bring other people with you, and meet up in a public place like the mall.

~Before you send or post anything remember everything is traceable. Once you post it it is out there for ever.


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