(Tiziano Vecellio)

Young Titian (Portrait of a Man)

Titian was born in Pieve di Cadore around 1488-1490.

He was born in Pieve di Cadore in the Republic of Venice to Gregorio Veccelli & Lucia. Had one brother named Francesco.

He studied for a long time under many artists alongside his brother and painted many portraits for leaders

He died on August 27 1576 from the plague

Titian's Contribution

Titian had many beautiful works including Assumption of the Virgin and Allegory of Prudence

Assumption of the Virgin
Allegory of Prudence


His handling of color and brushwork have influenced many artists today.

Today you can see his work in the National Gallery and the Louvre

Noli me Tangere (National Gallery)
Woman with a Mirror (Louvre)

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