Rules of Football

by: Austen M


Football is a physical sport. You hit a lot, you throw the ball, you run the ball, and you also catch the ball.


Offense is a big part of football; all of the positions are offensive Line TE, WR, RB, FB, and QB. On offense you try to score a touchdown, a touchdown is worth six points. After a touchdown you can either kick a PAT or go for two. So after you score a touchdown and kick a PAT or go for two you will either seven or eight points.      


Defense is another part of football. The defensive positions are defensive line MLB, ROLB, LOLB CB, SS, and, FS. On defense you try to stop the offense from scoring.   

Special teams

Special team’s positions are a little different, and there are six different teams. Kick team is one kick return punt team punt return field goal team and field goal block. On kick team you kick the ball to the return team and try not to let the return score. On kick team there aren’t really positions but, there are five people on each side of the kicker. On kick return there are five people on the front line four on the middle line and two people on the back line. On punt team there are six people on the line including the center, two gunners on both sidelines, two blockers about seven yards behind the line, and the punter about fifteen yards behind the line. On extra points (PAT) there are nine people on the line, a holder and the kicker. On extra point block (PAT block) there are eleven people on the line.