Team "Your Mom" presents the CHADT Launcher

Our team began with 20 popsicle sticks, 10 paper clips, 3 rubber bands and 3 ft. of masking tape. It was a little overwhelming to begin but we found a video on YouTube to show us how to build what we were looking for- a marshmallow launcher.

Where to begin?

First we stacked 8 popsicle sticks together and rubber banded them on both ends. We stuck 2 popsicle sticks in between the first stick and the other 4. We then rubber banded one more popsicle stick with a spoon taped to it to the two we stuck in between the 5.

Step 1.

After testing the launcher in the hallway we decided to add tape to the spoon so the marshmallow would not follow the curve of the spoon and would launch more out than up.

We made one more adjustment and added 5 more popsicle sticks to the middle to add more distance.

Here is our finished product!!

Our launcher sent our marshmallow 25 ft. and cost approximately $19.40. No waste was created during the making of this product.

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