College/Career Presentation

Jordan Edgar, 4/21/14, 3rd

Texas State is relatively cheap compared to  other Texas colleges.($21,260)

There are 4 girls to every 1 guy.

They offer the two degrees I want.

Texas State is located in San Marcos, Texas.

The campus is gorgeous.

Texas State is known for being conservative.

It is a "party school" but you can avoid the party scene if wanted.

Texas State is known for its McCoy College of Business.

They are a D1 football school.

Greek life has a proud tradition here.

No coed dorms because it is a Christian School.

They have  good school for business but it is rather hard to get into.

You could have up to 200 other students in a class with you. (large classes)

It is fairly expensive seeing to the fact that it is a private school. ($34,000)

51% female and 49% male

It is pretty hard to get into Baylor but not impossible.

Baylor's football reputation has increased a lot in the last few years as the won the big 12 conference last year.

Baylor attracts a lot of employers due to being a prestigious university.

The Baylor wall is a huge tradition for freshman during football season.

They have good Greek life but a lot of People don't partake in it.

As  Financial Adviser you get to choose you hours.

You don not have a set salary but you can make anywhere between $44K and $90K your first few years of practice.

You can be self employed.

You get your clients through personal relationships most of the time.

You could go into a large business if you wanted to take that route.

Financial Advising does not necessarily require degrees in business.

However it would be best to get a Bachelor's Degree in Business and the proceed to get your MBA.

There really isn't traditions for this job.

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