Advertisors Ban from Advertising


In New Jersey, a bill passed by the NJ Senate was approved by the New Jersey Assembly in June and the State Senate on Monday, September 22, 2014. This bill was made to stop advertisers from sending unwelcome text messages. Under the bill, advertisers will now have to get permission from the receiver before sending any of their ads. To add to these regulations, any telecommunications companies that have text messaging are required to offer customers the option to block texts. People don’t want these text messages because they have to pay for them and they drain on cell minutes and bank accounts.

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Based on your role in this situation, the advertiser or the receiver, your perspectives will compete against each other.  The people in New Jersey complaining about these advertisements have a right of privacy. Their bank accounts are being bombarded with more and more money that they did not know they were paying for and they did not choose or approve to paying for these advertisement text messages. But on the other hand, the advertisers are losing opportunities. The bill is going to limit the amount of customers, these advertisers get because they will probably block them.

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