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5 Reasons why you’re Not the Blame for Your Financial Struggles

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5 reasons you’re not to blame for your financial struggles.

Wage Stagnation – We are a nation of highly skilled part-timers. With no benefits, job security, workers’ rights, decent hours, or financial plans!

My time as an executive, for a number of companies has truly upon my eye, that the number of skilled part-time worker far supersedes the number of full time workers. This number is likely to increase, should we not course correct.

Most of the location I managed, the ratio was about 5 to 1 part-timer to full-timer. So this whole notion of benefits and compensation offset is hogwash. Fact of the matter is you don’t want to pay, what you don’t want to pay and you have allowed for failed policies, procedure and process to obstruct progress.

Neither full-time nor part-time workers created wage stagnation, so why are they saddled with the repercussion of failed practices.

Income Inequality – A monumental elephant in the room! A kick the can down the road topic, which has been ongoing for decades! Not going to speak much about this issue, because it’s dead wrong. To subject citizen to such barbarism is beyond rhyme, reason or rationale. I’ll let Pew Research Center do the talking. We can mostly agree Pew is reliable?

Trickle- Down Economics – Of all the reasons this one is my favorite!

In a MSNBC ad Rev. Al Sharpton said “We got the down, we just didn't get the trickle."

This was never going to work and it was evident soon after it was implemented.

1983 is when all hell broke loose. Trickle–Down economics was a Pandora which should have never been let out of its box. As we all can see, the gap is ever increasing and yet no trickle.

Citizens didn't create Trickle-Down economics, so I ask again? Why should they be saddled with the repercussion of failed policies, procedure, process and practice?

The Fear – We live in a constant state of fear! Plan and simple! There is nothing one can truly trust. Politicians questionable

Athletes questionable!

Love ones questionable!

Employers questionable!

I trust my pet more than the above mentioned. I just wish my pets could speak and tell me whether or not they trust me.

Fear is a cancer mostly man made. Too much of it will overwhelm, suffocate, obstruct and cloud your state of mind.

We live in fear, because of the unknown! So get in the know!

Financial Education – What we spend on our physical fitness compared to our financial fitness is abysmal.

What we have spent on financial products and services over the last decades, where a select few have profited righteously, while the rest have nearly lost everything, is shameful.

Financial education and financial literacy must become a priority. An order of awareness must become standard practice for how these products and services are distributed.

A saving plan should be a savings plan, not a plan which robs you of your savings!

If you have to choose between paying for an essential over a saving obligation! I strongly believe that savings obligation was not in your best interest.

Financial products and services are necessary, but they can also be a loaded weapon in the wrong hands.

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