They were hoping to meet President Obama!

St. George's Family Fun Trip

Washington DC - 2015

21 students and parents spent 4 days touring Washington DC.  Less than 1 hour after the plane landed, we were having lunch at the Air and Space Museum and ready for the fun to begin.  The afternoon was spent in the Smithsonian Museums.

We all stopped by the White House for pictures after a pizza dinner - a super way to end the 1st day.

Our 2nd day was spent on Capital Hill. We saw the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we toured the US Capitol building and Library of Congress.  Here we are standing on the steps of the Supreme Court Building.  

After dinner at a famous Washington restaurant - Ben's Chili Bowl, we saw the monuments:  Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veteran's Memorial and the new WWII Memorial.  Look how huge the Martin Luther King Memorial is!!!

Here we are at Arlington National Cemetery with our tour guide on Day 3!

This is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.  It is guarded 24 hours a day, all year.  Why do you think it is so important?

The guards change every 30 minutes - it is a very important ceremony.

Next stop was Mt. Vernon - it is the home of George and Martha Washington.  Mrs. Finch and I loved it!

I got to "meet" Martha Washington!!

Another house that we visited when we got back to Washington was the Petersen House - it is across the street from Ford's Theatre.  When President Lincoln was shot at Frod's Theatre, they rushed him to this boarding house across the street.  It is where he died the next morning at 7:22 am.  What do you think a boarding house is?

The 1st annual Family Fun Trip was amazing!
Next summer ------ Boston!

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