Gadgets and Gizmos

Reflection of Coursework

Screenshot of my Blendspace Board used to bookmark favorite Decimal resources

The integration of technology into our teaching practice in critical in today's world.  After setting a personal goal to increase my understanding and use of technology, this course served as a great foundation for improving my practice.  I enjoyed learning new "gadgets and gizmos" to support student learning, increase collaboration, and to improve assessment measures.  Over the course of the class, I have learned to create online flashcards and anticipation guide quizzes to assess prior knowledge.  I have used Blendspace to bookmark favorite resources and learned to take screen snapshots of websites (see photo above).   I have created a Fraction Jeopardy to review previously learned concepts.  

Technology-Oriented Goals for the Future:

  • Use an online grade-book
  • Increase use of flipped assignments
  • Increase use of digital "exit slips"
  • Improve class website by providing links to curriculum related websites.
  • Use Google-Classroom for weekly reading assignments.  

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