Little bit about Aimee Juliachs

Character photo essay 3B


Electric dance music is what is played at rave events. The picture is taken from Ultra 2013, i did not attend this rave because it was sold out but i will be attending one soon. I chose this picture as my setting because this type of environment and scene is where i find myself veru happy and free. People who attend raves go by PLUR which stands for Peace love unity and respect. This setting best represents me because when you are in a crowd full of people who love and respect you and have the time of your life you do not want to leave. The outfits worn represent your chracter and creativity and so do the colors shown.


I would have to say that i symbolize a disco ball because i like the dark and like to party. The disco ball reflects lights and i like lights and im a very bright person. It symbolizes how im a bright person and change the mood in a scene. The colors and lights of the disco ball also help relate to my setting which is a rave and at a rave there are many lights and colors.

Outer character

Aimee is a very kind, independent person who strives to become the best she can be. She has always been there for me when i needed her the most. She never fails to make my bad days and turn them into good days. I love being around her and her positive and energetic vibes. Aimee also is one of the strongest person i have ever met, nothing can really bring her down. She always has a smile on her face even when its not her day. She is also very polite and uses manners such as please and thank you. All adults, parents and families love her because of her positive energy, her honesty and her polite manners.   ----- Casey Borland


I come off as a very caustic person; which means sarcastic. Im also very funny and outgoing with the people i like and have fun with. I tend to be facetious which means im silly or inappropriate. I am also a very honest and frank person who will tell you the truth and be straight forward. i tend to be very confrontal with people im not affraid to face people. My character is very friendly, caring and loving to everyone and anyone who needs me. Im very socaible; amiable.

inner character

I am a very independent person, who doesn't need people to get help from. I do what i want and what makes me happy in life. Why do things that don't make you happy? I am a very honest person. I've been told im a genuine person with a kind heart and i do believe that i am genuine. I work and try hard to accomplish the goals i have. I love to have fun. I would say that im a really sweet, kind and caring person. I am there for anyone who needs someone to vent to and i will listen. but also im the kind of person who does not care what other peoples opinions or what they have to say about what i do in my life.

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