Tools of The Trade

Rachel Cross





-The IB design cycle.


Edmodo is a learning management system. You use this tool in order to conect with your teachers and peers about school related things. The benefits of this tool would be that you could check up on school (work) without actually be at school.


This website allows you to get dates about when your projects or school work is due. You use this by signing up and typing in your class in able to get the notifications for your work. The benefit of this website it that you're able to get reminders about you school.

This tool is basically used to create info-graphs. The benefits of this tool is that you're able to show data or information visually & in your own creative way. The way to use this tool is pretty simple, you click on the create button and let your creativity take over from there.


Tackk is a website that allows you to create anything digitally, even if its just for a project or just for fun. You use this by using the colors and textures to create your background, and then the button ribbon at the bottom of the page to customize your blank page. the good things about this tool is everything! It's similar to, but this website gives you a little more freedom.

The IB Design Cycle

The design cycle for IB is a multiple stem process you use in order to solve your problems. the benefit of this cycle is that you have a process already  done for you, all you have to do is fill in the answers mentally to get your solution.

Inquiring & Analyzing

Explain and justify the need for a solution (what’s the problem and why does it need fixing?)

-My car wont start and I have to take my kids to school. I will be late and the kids will be late and miss school.

Identify and prioritize primary and secondary (where am I going to find information? Be specific)

-I could look myself, under the hood and listen to my engine.

-Searching on the internet.

Analyze a range of existing products that inspire a solution t the problem (what’s out there that could fix this problem?)

- Call a taxi.

- Get a ride with a friend.

- Take it to the auto shop.

Develop a detailed design brief (write a summary of your research; what did you find?)

-My car wont start and I could either look at it myself or take it to the auto shop. I decide to call a taxi while my car gets towed to the auto shop.

Developing ideas

Develop a design specification (what are the requirements for the solution to be successful?)

-You need to be able to have windows and a smooth ride. It needs to have good gas miles and a good bass.

Develop a range of ideas that are feasible (Come up with ideas that are realistic that others will understand)

-Call AAA, and find out the cost of the repair. Use the train. Take the bus. Save money and get the car fixed. Carpool.

Present a final chosen design and justify its selection (Which idea did you select and justify why.)

-Call AAA then car pool. You should car pool with the people at your job cause your going to the same place.

Develop accurate planning/drawings and outline the requirements (What is it going to look like and what are the requirements it will fulfill?)

-I will pick up my phone and call AAA. Then with the phone still in my hand I will call one of my co-workers to come and pick me up.

Creating the solution

Construct a plan (determine the time and resources to create the solution)

-Call the tow company. (5)

-Wait for them to get your car (30-50)

-They come and take your car (10)

-Call a friend to pick you up (15)

-Car pool to work (10)

-After work go to the auto shop (20)

-Find out what’s wrong with your car (5)

-You talk it over (7)

-Argue a bit (6.5)

-Lower the prices a bit (5)

-Argue more (3)

-Your car gets fixed (30)

-You save money (2)

-Drive away (with Flawless blasting) (0)

Demonstrate excellent technical skills (do your best work)

-Pick the right mechanic.

Follow plan (look at the plan and follow the plan)

-Follow it.

Justify any changes to the plan (if you make changes to the plan, justify why you changed it)

-If I change the plan I must write it out.

Present the solution (either electronic form or through photographs showing different angles.)

-Always have some type of representation weather its through photograph or writing.


Design relevant testing methods which generates data and measure success of solution (create a test to see if your product solution is a good solution.)

-Drive the car around

-Push Buttons

-Get mechanic contact info

Evaluate success of solution against design specifications (did your solution meet all the requirements, was your client happy with the solution, did it save money or increase productivity?)

-Yes the solution was a success and I saved money.

Explain how it could be improved (Always reflect and see if you had to do it again what would you do differently?)

-I wouldn’t do anything differently.

Explain the impact of the solution on the audience/client (How did the solution impact your client or target audience?)

-I am the target audience.

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