Marc Castro 7th period

Digital Portfolio 2014-2015

Emails and Blogs

We learned how to create and send emails to each other .We also learned how to create blogs on blogger to write about many things about everyday life . We use everyday when trying to send an assignment to Ms.Clayton.

Digital Photography

We learned the components of cameras and how to use one . We then learned how to transfer pictures to the computers to either photoshop them or to just save them . We also learned how to take videos with the cameras .

Keynote Presentations

We learned how to create presentations using keynote . The many projects we did using keynote were penny bounce , stop motion project and many more . Keynote has many uses , depends on what you're doing .

Video Production

For Video Production , we used iMovie to create films and trailers .iMovie can be used by directors , producers and by many others . It also can be used by regular everyday people.

Sound Engineering

We used this skill in the making of the Bart Simpson project where we edited his voice to say something different . Many jobs out in the real world need sound engineering like being a DJ , sound editor and much more .


In photoshop , we learned how to edit , crop and to make them look new . We used photoshop for many projects including the fashion project , baseball head and many others . Like the example below , we used photoshop to put the photo behind the letters .

Desktop Publishing / Pages

In this unit , we learned to create business associated items like flyers , business cards , posters and much more . This skill help us later in life when dealing with businesses and offices . Here are some examples of this unit .


In animation , we learned the history of it and the innovators of it . The stop motion was also an animation project , not just keynote . Animation is used to create cartoons and many other things .

Fashion Design

In this unit , we learned basic textiles and materials and styles . We also learned how to create our own clothes to make a collection . We learned how to create clothing using photoshop . Here are some examples .

Game Design

In this final unit , we learned about the history of video games and what it takes to make one . We learned some of this using gamestar mechanics which helped us find what it takes to make a game .

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