• A hurricane is a tropical storm in the eastern pacific coast

How Does A Hurricane Form?

steps on how a hurricane is formed
  • A hurricane forms when the moister from the sea water and heat mix together
  • The water temperature must be at least 75-80   

Historical Examples Of A Hurricane

  • Hurricane Katrina and The Hurricane of 1900

Hurricane Katrina

Damage from Hurricane Katrina
  • Between 6,000 At least 5,000.
  • 2,000 individuals Injured
  • Damage: 30 million dollars

The Hurricane of 1900

damage done from the Hurricane Of 1900
  • 1,833 people died
  • The total damage from Katrina is estimated at $108 billion
  • 6300 people were injured

How to Be Prepared In A Hurricane

  • Rain gear
  • Stock supply kit
  • Weather detector
  • More well built homes
  • Keep track of the weather change
  • Radar systems


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