Groundbreaking Psychologist

Walter Mischel is a groundbreaking behaviorist. He has studied and contributed to multiple specified sections of psychology. His most significant contribution have been in situation and behavior, and self control. He was born in Austria in 1930. When he was eight years old Nazi Germany began their occupation of Austria. Mischel's family subsequently fled to America, where he was raised in Brooklyn, New York City.

In 1968 Mischel published the highly revered monograph Personality and Assessment. The publication criticized personality psychology. Within the pages he brought to light the repeated failure of studies in this discipline. At the time it was traditionally believed that an individual's behavior in relation to a trait is consistent in diverse situations. Walter Mischel challenged this idea.

Mischel changed the way psychologists study personality assessment by suggesting that we look at the way individuals perceive their surroundings. When taking this into consideration it is easier to understand an individual's behavior. This was a crucial  turning point in this area of psychology. Without Mischel this change may have still been made, but in all likelihood would have taken longer.

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