Profesora Walker
Español 2 & 3
Room 808

Contact Information:  

816-736-5500 ext.2260

Office Hours: 7:40- 3:45

Plan Period: hour 1

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

Class Materials

  • Laptop (charged and ready to go!)
  • Notebook paper
  • 3x5 index cards for "Vocab Man" assignment
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Folder or binder to keep papers
  • Earbuds
  • One Dry Erase Marker. Please turn it in to me.


90-100% A; 80-89% B; 70-79% C; 60-69% D; 59% & below F

Grades are weighted:    

  • 20% of your grade will consist of homework assignments.
  • 80% of you grade will consist of quizzes, tests and projects.
  • Be sure to check Power School often. I update grades regularly.

Homework & Make-up work

Learning to speak, read, & write Spanish will take practice. Homework will enhance your learning. Assignments are made up of carefully selected activities to practice the skills learned in class and will be an important part of class instruction. Do the homework.

  • Makeup work for absences will follow the guidelines in the student handbook. You get the number of days absent plus one. Assignments will also be available on Blackboard.  Check the google calendar on Blackboard daily.  Missed work and tests will go into the grade book as “0” with a code of “Missing” until made up.
  • Makeup work for scheduled school events must be turned in before or ON the day of your return. You are responsible for the assignment due the day you return.
  • Unless you miss an important test review day, you will take the test on the scheduled day.
  • Retakes are offered as long as the chapter Vocab Man, homework and review is complete.
  • All retakes must be done before the next chapter test.
  • I will take late work for 80% credit until we test, after the chapter test no late work will be accepted for that particular chapter.
  • There will be a cumulative midterm and final at the end of the each semester.
  • Academic dishonesty of any kind is unacceptable and will result in a grade of zero for all involved.
  • Do not use google translate!!! The following links are allowed for looking up words & verb conjugations.
  • &

Vocab Man

  • You will need to complete and hand in 50 points worth of vocabulary practice during each chapter. You may choose from a variety of practice to add up to 50 points. This will serve as a homework grade and must be done in addition to any other assignment.
  • You may only use a computer to complete the power point, the crossword puzzle, and the online study. Everything else is written practice.
  • Vocab man will be due the day before every test.  It may be turned in on test day for 80% credit.  After the test no vocab man will be accepted for that particular chapter.
  • You may do 10 points over the assignment amount of 50 every chapter for extra points.
  • Vocab Man will move vocabulary from short term memory to long term memory. It requires more time individually, but will have lasting results. It will also increase your knowledge of the Spanish language & increase your test scores.
  • Specific assignment details are on blackboard.


  • I am available before or after school or during Eagle Hour on Thursdays to assist with your academic needs.
  • Please schedule an appointment for any before or after school tutoring sessions so I know to be available in the classroom.  
  • Have a plan upon arriving (what are you there to work on?)  It is a waste of my time and yours to spend 10 minutes figuring out why you there.  
  • Use tutoring time for productive work (games, social media, videos, etc. are not good uses of time).
  • Check Eagle Hour assignments regularly and attend assigned tutoring sessions.  
  • What happens if I don’t show? → Detention.  What happens if I don’t attend detention? → automatic ISS

Technology and Food Policies

  • Check Google calendar on Blackboard daily for course information, assignments, weekly schedules, and/or handouts and materials.
  • Respect a teacher’s direction when to or when not to use technology.
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation in all email communications, while being professional and respectful.
  • Only use laptops/cell phones/earbuds/headphones during class if directed by teacher.
  • Have earbuds/headphones available for use daily.
  • Check student school email daily.
  • Upon completion of class work we will maintain our practice of the Spanish language.  Utilizing the Anchor Activities document for allowable websites or the Symbaloo site.

Food & drink are not permissible.  Water is provided in the learning villa.

Our class website is on Black Board:  

  • Learning to use this site will be vital to staying current with Spanish class.  
  • Use the qr code or go to  Begin with the "start here" tab.

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