Logan Lerman

Logan lerman is my favorite actor.

There is a link that leads ot the trailer of the movie Percy Jackson Seas of the Monsters.

This is Logan Lerman

My favorite movie he plays in is Percy Jackson Seas of the Monsters.

This is the movie trailer.

There is a total of five books made of Percy Jackson

I only read three.

This is one of my favorite scense he did.

  logan lerman is of course the one in the middel alexandra daddario is the blonde girl the boy on the left of logan is Brandon T and the on beloe him is Leven  Rambin. Also the syclopse is Douglas Smith. He usally never looks like that.

I made this in a wed site called Tagul.

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2 years ago

This movie was completely wrong so was the first one they were nothing like the books the girl who plays annabeth is twenty seven she is supposed to be twelve in the first movie is we're clairise and mr d were supposed to show and didn't they did not get eaten in the second book and their ship was supposed to blow up it's ALL WRONG