The Spectacular Life Of Edmond Halley

By Theano Cassimatis

His Life

Edmond Halley was an astronomer who discovered many amazing facts. He was born on the 8th November 1656 and died on January 14 1742. He studied at Oxford University in England.

Halley, as people call him, calculated the orbit of a comet that was observed in 1682 and proved it was the same one astronomers had seen in 1531 and 1607. He predicted its return in 1758. Halley also produced the first accurate map of the stars visible from the Southern Hemisphere. Last of all he studied the orbit of the moon and what the effect of the moon was on ocean tides.

These things affect our lives today because now when fishermen go out to sea at night they can look at the Moon and know when the tide will be high or low . If there is a rocky area, they know when it will be safe to cross in their boats. Halley's comet is quite important because now scientists can identify which comets are going in certain circuits and routes around the Sun.

Today Edmond Halley is remembered for not only discovering Halley's comet but also for creating the first accurate map of the stars visible in the Southern Hemisphere. These maps are still being used by today's  astronomers.