Tuesday, June 23, 2015

  1. Please complete the agenda items in the order of the page.
  2. You will receive your progress reports at the END of class today.
  3. Have them signed by you and your parent & please return them on Wednesday!

1) Daily Learning Objectives

  • Turn to page 4 in your interactive notebook.
  • Write down---->>>"Same as Monday"

Monday's Objective: TODAY I AM learning the power of word choice SO THAT I CAN understand the passages and strengthen my vocabulary. I'LL KNOW I'VE GOT IT WHEN I begin to choose the right words to include in my Passion Project Research

2) Update your Table of Contents in your Interactive notebook

Most importantly, make sure that you have added the page numbers in your Interactive Notebook, but that you also pasted the required items on the page it belongs to.

3) Passion Project Research

Continue using Easy Bib and your eCLASS media center resources to gather answers to your inquiry based questions.

If you haven't finished your About Me or Personal Character Traits, please do not work on those items TODAY.

4) Complete the PreTest Warm Up practice sheet # 9-13 on your desk

  • Once you are finished, glue the sheet on page 16 on your interactive notebook.
  • If you need assistance with how to glue it , please ask.
  • 5) Reading Plus<<---click here

    Complete (2) SeeReaders THEN (1) ReadAround today.

    Record your SeeReader score information on p. 6 of Interactive Notebook.

    Type Room # 75125

    6) Revise Reading Plus Writing Responses

    1. Go to your writing tab in Reading Plus.
    2. Select your June 11th writing response AND copy it.
    3. Go to your Google Docs, Click the "+" sign to create a new document
    4. Name the new document "Weekly Blog"
    5. Paste your June 11th written responses in the "Weekly Blog"
    6. THEN Select your June 18th writing response AND copy it.
    7. Paste your June 18th written response belowhe June 11th response.
    8. Read the comments I gave for each week's response
    9. Use those comments to revise your response in your Weekly Blog document.