Social Media make-up & hair

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Social media is the number one cause of girls to "Can't even deal". We become accustom of waking up in the morning to scavenge our phones, lab tops, tablets, etc. To not only turn off our alarm clock but get on the or all social media networks of our chose which we all know that we are guilty of it. HEY! it's okay I myself am guilty of whipping my eye boogies and opening up twitter at the same time! No harm no foul, but then again this force of habit can really mess a girls day up. We sometimes loose track of time as we scroll our cute little thumbs up and down devices and realize we've spent a good 15 minutes in bed and haven't budged! This is where every girl flips out because we now realize today is not just any day, today something special is going on this morning now were flying through our shower ripping apart or closet and crying because "I HAVE NO CLOTHES, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR,I NEED TO GO SHOPPING SO BAD UGHHHH". Now we have scavenged something "decent" to wear now its time to do our hair and make-up which is like the whip cream and cherry to a girls milkshake! Hair styles,cuts, and colors have been around for centuries. A girls hair has been the fashion statement of our lives and it has only gotten more and more versatile as the years have continued. Make-up... it is literally the make or break stand point on whether or not u look like Barbie or a clown! As social media has opened us females to a who new world of the do's and don'ts of make-up and hair. Just think we would probably still be wearing scrunches and puffballs if it weren't for youtube,instagram,pinterest,etc. To give us a abundance of eye gazing gold (tutorials, step-by-steps) and the best part of all that is... EVERY FREAKING TIME YOU TRY AND RECREATE THE STYLE OR MAKE-UP LOOK IT LOOKS LIKE U LET HELEN KELLER GIVE YOU A MAKE OVER! Its like they create a look and make it seem so easy when in real life its like a four day lesson and you give up lol. But hey at the end of the day every girl is a dime piece idc what anyone says I love you guys!!!

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