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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

By: Cheyene Strickland
Crossroads@Meade - Computer Science Class

Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, the state capital of Louisiana and the county seat of Baton Rouge Parish, has been described as "a happy blend of Cajun joie de vivre and progressive American know-how." Situated on the Mississippi River in the heart of the state, the city is an important center in the Sun Belt market. Moderate year-round temperatures and a relaxed environment make Baton Rouge a desirable place to live. Significant construction projects taking place in the twenty-first century are bringing city planners' dreams of a pedestrian-centered downtown community a step closer to realization.

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City Facts

Year founded:1699

Latitude: 30.4500° N

Longitude: 91.1400° W

Population: 230,058

Area: 7 9.11 sq miles (204.9 km≤ )

Time zone: Central Time Zone

Mayor:Kip Holden