Yum Yum Hot Chocolate!


Yum Yum Hot Chocolate

DO you know that sweet brown hot drink that you drink on a cold winter day?

...It's hot chocolate! . In my article I will talk about hot chocolate history. How to make it. Where to get it. And famous name brands of hot chocolate. So go get you some hot chocolate and bundle up. Come on lets go have some fun.

Drink Some Hot Chocolate

The explorer Cortez brought back hot chocolate to Europe back then the Aztec's didn't drink hot chocolate hot they drank it cold with chilli peppers.

cold and with chili peppers

In "1519" Cortez and his sail mates saw that the Aztec king and almost all of his subjects where drinking a brown drink the Aztecs called "xocoaltl" or "chocalatl. "

Come And Get It.

You can get hot chocolate is at your local grocery store like Price Chopper, Aldes , Walmart, Sun fresh, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Wall greens, etc.

Lights, Camera, Hot Chocolate

If you don't really drink hot chocolate you should try it some time . Well here are some famous hot chocolate name brands.

* Hershey's

* Swiss Miss

* Nestle

* and Chirar Dilli

Who Wants Hot Chocolate

If you don't know how to make hot chocolate I will show you how. In a microwave this is how you will make it " heat 6 fl. oz. water or milk in microwave - safe mug for 1 1/2 minutes or intil hot . Stir in one envelope of hot cocoa mix.

I hope you had fun learning about the wonderful world of hot chocolate. Now you know that on a winter day you should make some hot chocolate. Cheers with your friends.