Saving/Shaving Private Sean

Help us Save/Shave Private Sean. He lost his razor and we need to help!

Once upon a time, there was a fair faced young man named Sean. He was athletic, attractive, artistic, and well groomed. One day he lost his razor and it changed the course of history.

About that time, Duck Dynasty came out on television and while Sean was searching for his razor, he started watching the show.

For 4 weeks, Sean was still glued to the television. He watched rerun after rerun and couldn't stop. He started talking like Si, the crazy uncle. Sean decided he wan't going to shave until he got a role in an episode or until the Detroit Lions won a Super Bowl. Time passed. No call from Duck Dynasty. No Lions Super Bowl.

Time dragged on, so did Sean's beard. By now, we fear that he has stopped showering as well and we worry about his health.

One day, Nick Latra teased about the beard on Facebook and Sean joked, "If you come to California, you can shave it yourself!" This self-proposed intervention was just the opportunity we were looking for.

We started this campaign to raise $700 for 2 roundtrip flights from Detroit, MI to Los Angeles, CA to Save/Shave Private Sean. One small step for Farmington, Michigan. One big leap for mankind.

Get Involved Shaving Sean!

Pledge $25 today and you will receive a hand written post card with images of the Shave, including a tuft of hair attached to the post card! Comment below and once we reach $700, I will follow-up to coordinate your contribution the fund and confirm mailing details for your collectors edition post card!