Loving everybody
loving the difference...

We are part of this project Maderas que son violines (#maderasqsonv ),this is the planning of one of the activities we are going to make.

Now, some ideas about empathy...

As we usually do ,let's watch some videos to start the lesson..,

I think you'll enjoy it a lot!!

We'll think about disabilities... powerful disabilities,I mean.

And now , let's read this article...

And finally,"Cuerdas"...

Feel like a boy /girl like you that suffers with autism

What  are we going to do?

We are going to transform Hyppomenes and Atalanta,so , let's learn a little bit about the legend and the Guido Reni's marvellous picture. We'll change it into a more modern idea of the legend,bringing it to the XXI century,it's going to be great!! Let's learn!!

Here you have the link to see perfectly all the details and the link to print the picture - so, you can see it better,the handout it's not enough-

Let's color our world!

These are the tools we'll use to do it!

Ifake text sometimes makes some mistake,so, if you prefer to do it with an app,it would be great!

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