Ancient Egypt

Be the first to go to Ancient Egypt, do everything the ancient Egyptians did. The best part is that boys can wear skirts , and anybody 8 or under can walk around naked.

River slide

go to the Nile River and go down the biggest river ever, the Nile River. IT's 4,000 miles long. But don't worry we have stops ever two miles if you want to go back or get some food. You can get a beautiful look at the beautiful mountains to the south while your in the Nile River.
$55 dollars each person

Just look at that . Don't you want to see that in real life , and in color.

Biggest Maze ever

Go into the pyramids and look for and maybe find a Pharaoh's tum and get all the treasure inside it. If they took them 4,000 years just to find King tuts tum. Maybe theirs another tum somewhere inside. But be aware there are traps in side the pyramids. But you do have a chance to be a millionaire. There are believes that there are secret rooms inside. If you find one of them . You will be a historical legend. So you better come down. But if you don't, your the one hows missing out.

$ 40 dollars

Just look at that. It's just good sculpting

What to bring

1.Bring a lot of white clothes that's what they mostly wear

2. You will also have to go skirt shopping, and that includes the men

3. If you have a child that's 8 or younger. He can just go around naked everywhere. But it's your choice.

4. Bring a lot of sun tan lotion . The ancient Egypt dessert is a good place to get a tan , and its also a good place to get sun burn.

It might be heavy. But it's better to be prepared! : )

Pharaohs Palace

Need a place to stay. We got the best hotel in ancient Egypt. You can eat, sleep, and breath in all the pharaohs palace. You would never fell in danger with the pharaoh next to you. He defended ancient Egypt against foreigners. The Pharaoh even the his people to battle , and you wont have to walk far to pay your taxes and you can learn the new laws before they get out , since the pharaoh made the laws. The pharaoh represented the gods on earth. You can get front seats to the rituals he performs and watch him command people to make pyramids for them. So I guess you can say thuis is the best place to be.

$99.00 dollars a night

THe best place you could stay in Ancient Egypt

Where to go

Make sure to check out the area. Theirs deserts everywhere so make sure for cactus and make sure to go see the black rich fertile soil left from the Nile river flooding. " It is also called, " The Gift of Nile."

Here something to help you!

We all love food!!!!!!!

We now that your going to get hungry on the way to everything we have. So here's a restaurant and here's the menu.

Meals: *( for the rich) meat and beef $25.00

Appetizers: dates, grapes, peaches, and watermelon, bread. $ 5.00

Meals: Pork, sheep, duck, goose, pigeons, stork and fish. $14.99

Sides: bread , dates. $ 2.00

Drinks: Water, Wine. $ 1.45

Doesn't that look good. I sure know that it taste good.
Best place to eat in ancient Egypt

Ride a Camel

Now I know you are wondering how your going to get around in the dessert. We have just the thing, camels. Camels are one of the best things to use to go around. Of coarse theirs chariots but who can i riding on a camel, you can bring so much stuff with you. It will be just like riding a horse. So get it quick. They only cost $30 dollars to rent it to keep it , it is $60, and on Wednesday you will get a discount of $10 dollars , because it's the day of the camel.

HHHUUUMMMPPP DDDAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Become a god in Acient Egypt

Gods and Goddesses were very famous in ancient Egypt. There were over 200 gods And you can fave a chance to be one of them. Just put your name in the box and randomly you will become a god and you can be any god you want. They had a god for everything even child labor. So get down here quick space in the box is running out and just to let you know. Ancient Egyptians would beg for you to bring good things to them , but if you don't they will beat your statue up with a stick.

$15 dollars each camel

Be won of these guys

Dig for mummies

Do you want to make a historical find? Well' we have just the place for you, Mummies grounds. Dig for mummies and get ton of mummies to sell to museum and become a millionaire. Ancient Egyptians believed in a afterlife where they could still live but somewhere else. So when you died , they would get you ready for the after life. They would take all your organs and body parts . They will just leave your heart. Then when your ready they will buried you. Sometimes they would put you in a pyramid. So if you don't have luck in The mummies grounds. Go to the pyramids. So get here quick.

Cats were very famous in ancient Egypt. That's why they mummified them.
How they would do it. See the show $20 dollars each

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