Movie Making

Joshua B.

I choose this topic because it is one of many things I'm interested trying to get a career in.

How does color and lighting affect the mood?

Lighting seems to cause many emotions, including happiness,sadness,grumpiness, and so much more!  Bright lights usually cause happiness and dim lights cause depression.  It also seams that seasons vary during seasons.  Colors also affect the mood.  For example, Black usually means you have authority, while white means that they will follow.  Red makes things feel romantic.

What type of movies are people interested?

Most people enjoy action and adventure over every other type of movie.  This is followed by comedy and then sci-f fantasy.  For some reason musicals and romance are really low on the list.  Around the middle are animation and horror.  This might not be accurate because it was produced in 2012.

How does music effect the mood of a movie

Certain music does different things to brain.  Sometimes it brings back memories that trigger emotions.  Other times it makes things sound sad or happy.  Music effects part of the brain that causes emotions.  Depending on how it sounds, it changes the emotions.

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