How To Repair Chips In Your Granite Worktop?

Granite as we all know has become a standard kitchen and bathroom accessory in most of the households. Although they are highly durable and are supposed to offer almost nil depreciative values over long periods of time, a granite slab too can chip or crack with continued neglected maintenance. So what should you do if your worktop has slightly chipped, right in the middle of the working surface? Calling out professionals can prove to be quite expensive even for small chips and reinstalling the entire countertop is hardly ever considered an option due to its huge prospective investment demands. But you don’t have to lose heart; here we are presenting a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) method of fixing such small chips that you can easily try at home.

Step1. Clean the entire worktop- first you need to wash the entire surface of your granite kitchen worktops to cleanse it of grease, oil, dirt or any other form of debris. Just soak a sponge in some warm water mixed with a neutral dish soap or detergent mixture and wipe the counter clean. Make sure that the chipped areas are also nicely cleaned and nothing is left in the cracks.

Step2. Wipe dry- Next you need to wipe that counter dry with a help of a clean and dry (preferably cotton) cloth. Leave it for at least an hour to air dry before proceeding.

Step3. Mark the problem spots- Cover the entire worktop and cut-outs for electrical appliances with a masking tape leaving off chipped areas also called the ‘Problem spots’. This step would not only help the epoxy from getting into various nooks and corners but would also help you easily find the areas that need repairing.

Step4. Apply epoxy to problem spots- One can easily get one of the granite chip repair kits at their local hardware store. These come with a granite epoxy resin and hardener. Wear a pair of gloves before proceeding. Now mix the resin component and hardener together as per the instructions stated on the back of the product packaging. Apply this mixture on the chipped areas and smoothen with the help of a tongue depressor.

Step5. Let the epoxy dry completely and then reseal the countertop using a suitable granite sealant.

And that’s it! The sealer that we applied at the end of the procedure is to provide protection to the repaired parts and the rest of the counter from getting chipped again in the near future. This is by far one of the best methods to get rid of the ugly chips recommended even by professional companies that offer installation services for granite worktops in your area.

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