Gallows Thief
By Bernard Cornwell


The setting of this book is London England.


The plot is that a young gay boy is accused of killing a women that he is painting for his job, he is to be hanged a week after his formal trial and the queen feels that he is innocent and shouldn't be killed, so it is up to the main character and a few of his friends to find a person who was with the boy when the murder took place, but she has disappeared and no one knows where she has gone.


The main character is Captain Rider Sandman and his friend's Sally, and Sergeant Berrigan.


The conflict is that a member of a club killed a woman and they are hiding it up by saying that they didn't do it and another person did. when in truth they hired for the painting and knew about who murdered the woman but hid the only other person who was there. When the woman is found she has to be taken back to London and people are trying to stop them on the road back to London.


In the end of the book Sandman finds out that the boy is innocent and goes to the gallows where he is already being hung and cuts him down before he dies so he may live.

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