Racism Around the World

    In today's world many African American men, women, and children fear for their lives due to the police brutality and killing of African American men such as Trayvon Martin, Micheal Brown and Eric Garner. Some say its just the police doing their jobs, others say its racial profiling. There have been many debates on this topic, opinions have been made, facts have been stated, but nothing is being done to stop or correct these innocent deaths that continue to add to many others. These killings have spread nationwide which have led to the riots in Ferguson, Missouri for Micheal Brown. Riots such as this have last for almost two months now, which have led to the police using tear gas and excessive force on protesters. This is not the best reaction but its getting news attention and attention worldwide.  

   Not just in the US but also in other places around the world. From Cuba to Brazil, many black-based social movements are taking place to protect their human rights, social equality and democratic reform. These movements are fighting against police brutality disappearances, extermination, poverty, and other systematic abuse. Throughout time there have been any situations like these, but they have never been reported due to the fact that the police are involved. Police brutality isn't just an up-incoming situation, this has been happening since the termination of slavery. There's no telling when this brutality will end, but sure enough its not going to end without a fight.