The Life You Imagine: Derek Jeter

By: Jack Curry

In this book Derek Jeter is the protagonist because he had to overcome many obstacles to get where he is now.

The reporters in this book are the antagonist because they have doubted and highlighted the negatives in his career.

I chose this quote because in this book Derek Jeter because he started with the most errors in the triple A, to have won 5 gold glove awards in the Major League Baseball. He had to work hard to achieve the 5 gold gloves awards.

Theme: The theme of this book is to never give up even when all hope is lost.

I would recommend this book to athletes that are struggling with their sport, because this book give you hope that you might have lost.

Plot twist: Derek Jeter is now: 14 allstar selections, five gold glove awards, five silver slugger awards, five time world series champion, and a world series MVP

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