Johari Window

This Johari Window exercise was very interesting to me due to the fact that I could think deep about who i truly believe who I am, and see what other perceive me as being as well. My results seem to be pretty consistent while analyzing those who truly know me the best, but definitely skew as they know me less. My area really speaks to me, because those five words in that category are not only very kind, but they are words I would undoubtedly want others to choose for me. I think that my results mean that there is a fine line between those who really know me and those who don't, but overall there is a common theme between the words chose by both people. I also think that these results are slightly skewed by some who did not accurately complete the exercise by choosing the words that people would normally find the most harmful in my opinion, to try to be funny. But the fact that they did that does illustrate that they do know i have and of my sense of humor, and that they feel close enough or comfortable enough to kid with me in that manner.