by: Brianna & Kya


1. when separating phrases that don't need to be there.

Ex. My dog, Sassy, is lazy.

2. When linking two independent clauses with a conjunction.

Ex. I'd like to go to the fair, but I have to do the dishes.

3. When your addressing someone in particular.

Ex. When can we go to lunch, Mrs. Cody?

4. When making a list.

Ex. Milk, eggs, flour, and bacon

5. When you have more than one adjective modifying a noun.

Ex. The smart, pretty, and funny Mrs. Cody.

6. After introductory phrases or clauses.

Ex. Once were done with this paper, we'll move on to the next one.

7. Dates

Ex. October 27, 2007

8. Ending of a letter.

Ex. Have a nice day at work! Love, your wife.

9. Geographic locations

Ex. Orlando, Florida

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